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Basic Features

Features included in PDF In-The-Box

As ALL In-The-Box is a superset of PDF In-The-Box, it contains all the following features:

  • Fully object-oriented programming interface. 
  • Support of Unicode (CJK scriptings supported) 
  • Tables with automatic layout.
  • Support of right-to-left writing. 
  • Support of Web-based architecture (ActiveX API only, to be used in ASP pages). 
  • Generation of PDF forms.
  • Style sheet management. 
  • Interactive and multimedia features.
  • Protection and encryption (RC4 encryption algorithm with 40- or 128-bit keys).
  • Plain, rich and composite texts with full justification. 
  • Raster and vector images. 
  • Comprehensive Programmer's Manual.

Features specific to ALL In-The-Box

In addition to the features listed above, ALL In-The-Box contains the following:

  • Customizable document viewer, to be integrated in your applications : complete with tool bar, zoom, thumbnails, bookmarks, search engine, notes, attachments...)
  • Full control over printer settings: printer and paper tray selection, print quality, collate mode, duplex mode, color mode, copies, shrink to margins...
  • Export to images and TIFF archives
  • Save document to the special ".BOX" format
  • Reload ".BOX" files in order to edit or display or print them or save them to PDF. 

Optional features

Advanced Features module

  • Vector Barcodes
  • Layer management
  • Transparency effects
  • Special color spaces
  • Advanced drawing features with clipping paths
  • Support of PDF/A (the ISO long-term archiving standard)
  • Special compression schemes (LZW, Jpeg 2000, CCITT 4)
  • Tables bound to DBMS data fields
  • Additional image formats (multiframe GIF, multiframe TIFF, JPEG 2000)
  • Attachments
  • Media clips
  • Slide show

Advanced Security module

  • Digital signature and time-stamping
  • AES encryption
  • Public-key encryption (i.e. using certificates)

Source code option

This option concerns the source code of ALL In-The-Box in Delphi language, including all optional modules but excluding third-party components and libraries.

To subscribe to this option, you must already have an ALL In-The-Box for Delphi licence including Advanced Features and Advanced Security.

Source code usage is submitted to restrictions detailed in the Licence Agreement.

This option cannot be purchased online. It's available by off-line order, payment being made by wire transfer.

Features specific to the DLL API

The features detailed above concern PDF In-The-Box version 4. Tey apply to the ActiveX and Delphi APIs.

At the moment, the DLL API is still available in version 3 only. So, it doesn't offer all the features listed above.

When the DLL API is released in version 4, all versions 3  purchased from October 1st, 2008 will be upgraded to version 4 for free.

Ascending compatibility from version 3 to version 4 is granted.


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