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Synactis constantly tries to improve product quality. Despite our efforts, you may find malfunctions.
In that case, please tell us! This is the common interest of all.

You can use the form below to report the problem.
However, if you're not sure whether it's a bug or not, it may be easier to send us an e-mail.

 Before concluding that the behavior you observe is a bug, please check:

  • that it's a really abnormal behavior (check with User's and Programmer's Manuals)
  • that you run the last version of our software: if not, the bug may be already fixed. You can check version numbers on home page.


Your Bug Report is registered

A response will be sent to as soon as it's viewed by our Tech Support team.

Synactis thanks you for your collaboration.


Bug Report Form


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Please be as precise as possible!

Keep in mind that the reader has no idea of what you're doing. List all steps necessary to reproduce the problem.

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Only one attachment!
To attach several files, pack them into a single ZIP file.
We'll delete your attachments when the issue is closed, however don't send any confidential data. You can attach small source code samples, if needed. Warning!  We can't audit entire applications! Please limit source code samples to 30 lines at most. If you can't isolate the problem in a small project, contact us by e-mail first.


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