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Awards, Testimonials and Customer Samples

The testimonials displayed below are extracted from e-mails spontaneously sent to Synactis Tech Support.

Some customers kindly gave us samples of their development work too. They are published in chronological order, with their authors' permissions.

Samples and Testimonials

«  After using other PDF components with limited success and functionality, we chose Synactis Pdf-in-the-Box because of the superior features available within the component set. Our customers are now enjoying the experience of this PDF component and the praises from the clients are truly rewarding. From the development side, the support received from the Synactis team is unrivaled in the industry. »

Brian Culverwell,
CEO and architect of the NuVu Reporting Suite
 (NuVu Software, Australia)

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«  Some months ago I asked Synactis if they could create a component that would produce both PDF files and also be able to directly print to a selected printer without the need to call the Adobe API.
That request spawned what I believe is the best non visual Report Generator I have ever seen: All In-The-Box. It is just what it claims to be. Simply amazing.»

Ian Hagan
(IHCS Software, Australia, 05/19/2007)

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«  Since I deployed my application using PDF In-The-Box it has produced approximately 7500 documents of average length 800 pages with absolutely no problems. »

David Sellers
(Red Door Software Ltd, United Kingdom, 03/21/2006)

«  I am extremely satisfied with PDF In-The-Box. I have over four hundred companies in North America using it in my software to prepare their forms. Each day, literally thousands of Quotes, Invoices, and Itineraries are prepared using PDF In-The-Box. It's simple to code, yet very robust! Thanks for helping me do my job better and easier.»

Tom Sylvester
(Tom Sylvester, Inc., USA, 03/16/2006)

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«  I recently purchased you OCX control and I developed the code for my application very easily.»

George Krastev, Senior Design Engineer
(Vikron Engineering Services, USA, 01/29/2005)

«  We purchased PDF-in-the-Box and are about to release our Freeware app where PDF-in-the-Box replaces a more expensive PDF library.  The documents generated are light table identical.»

Alan Rice
(A F Rice Software Consulting, USA, 11/05/2005)

«  Thank you for your technical support. I love the tool your company has developed.»

Matt Moran
(Generic Systems, Inc, USA, 06/11/2004)

«  Everything is OK and PDF in The Box is great! »

Hans-Juergen Frei
(SCHILLER AG, Switzerland, 11/10/2004)

«  Wow! Thank you for sending me the Beta. I immediately got on it today, and within minutes developed one PDF export routine. It performed flawlessly. Am I ever impressed.»

Sam Bellotto Jr.
(Crossdown, USA, 12/12/2002)

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A few Customers
Air New Zealand, New Zealand
Alcatel Cāble, France
Bank of Scotland, United Kingdom
BP Oil, United Kingdom
Citibank, Spain
Citibank, United Arab Emirates
Delta Air Lines, USA
Dexia Bank, Netherlands
EDF, France
Ghent University, Belgium
GSK, United Kingdom
Honeywell, Finland
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
LifeCare Assurance, USA
Oregon Health and Science University, USA
Roche Diagnostics, Spain
Sage Portugal R&D, Portugal
Schlumberger, USA
Siemens Building Technologies, Germany
Siemens Hearing, USA
Thales Information Systems, Spain
University of Bristol, UK
US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, USA
Xerox, Canada

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