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Beyond PDF In-The-Box

ALL In-The-Box can also generate PDF files. Additionally, it can display and print PDF documents being generated, with full programmatic control over these features.

Basic Features

  • Fully object-oriented programming interface. 
  • Support of Unicode (CJK scriptings supported) 
  • Support of right-to-left writing. 
  • Tables with automatic layout.
  • Support of Web-based architecture (ActiveX API only, to be used in ASP pages). 
  • Generation of PDF forms.
  • Style sheet management. 
  • Interactive and multimedia features.
  • Protection and encryption (RC4 encryption algorithm with 40- or 128-bit keys).
  • Plain, rich and composite texts with full justification. 
  • Raster and vector images. 
  • Comprehensive Programmer's Manual.

Optional features

Advanced Features module

  • Vector Barcodes
  • Layer management
  • Transparency effects
  • Special color spaces
  • Advanced drawing features with clipping paths
  • Support of PDF/A (the ISO long-term archiving standard)
  • Special compression schemes (LZW, Jpeg 2000, CCITT 4)
  • Tables bound to DBMS data fields
  • Additional image formats (multiframe GIF, multiframe TIFF, JPEG 2000)
  • Attachments
  • Media clips
  • Slide show

Advanced Security module

  • Digital signature and time-stamping
  • AES encryption
  • Public-key encryption (i.e. using certificates)

Features specific to the DLL API

The features detailed above concern PDF In-The-Box version 4. They apply to the ActiveX and Delphi APIs.

At the moment, the DLL API is still available in version 3 only. So, it doesn't offer all the features listed above.


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